Meet Grant Kemp, ‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Contestant (PHOTOS)
Grant Kemp on Bachelorette 2016
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The Bachelorette

Meet Grant Kemp, ‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Contestant (PHOTOS)


Dating a firefighter that moonlights as a male model sounds too good to be true — but somehow JoJo Fletcher gets to live in that dream!

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Exhibit A: The stunning Grant Kemp, one of Bachelorette 2016’s best looking contestants so far. So what’s the deal with this San Francisco native?

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The 28-year-old splits his time between being saving lives at the Hayward Fire Department...

Moments like this are a big part of the reason I love what I do for a living

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...and putting his insanely photogenic face (and insane jawline) and 6-foot-2 frame on display for the Oscar Modeling Agency:

: Quar Brown | MUA: Hayley Minkin | Stylist: Sabrina Q. | @oscarmodelingagency #oscarmodelingagency #model

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Aside from that, a look at his Instagram reveals he had a pretty brunette girlfriend as of November 2015 — so he’s recently single.

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Plus, he’s competed in bodybuilding competitions, not unlike many past Bachelorette hunks like Ben Zorn.