Everything That Goes Down in JoJo Fletcher\'s ‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Premiere
JoJo Fletcher in the Bachelorette 2016 premiere
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The Bachelorette

Everything That Goes Down in JoJo Fletcher’s ‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Premiere


Second to the finale, the Bachelorette 2016 premiere is going to be one of the most important, season-defining moments for our JoJo Fletcher.

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Luckily, we have some detailed insight into what’s about to go down on tonight's episode, and it sounds to be a doozy — particularly thanks to some familiar faces from the past!

Before you freak out Nick Viall is back for his third attempt at TV love, it’s nothing that dramatic. That being said, we do have not one but two re-appearances by alums we think you’re going to love.

First up, in true franchise tradition, we have three former Bachelorettes back to advise the Dallas beauty on her “journey:” Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock, and Ali Fedotowsky.

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According to the ABC press release, they warn her about the difference between “red hot chemistry and love” — and these ladies know what they’re talking about (Des and Ali are both expecting, after all).

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After that, it’s limo arrivals time, and the handsome contestants do not disappoint on the gimmick front. The synopsis teases a “southern gentleman” who plays an original song he wrote for JoJo, who, Reality Steve spoils, is James Taylor (no, not that one).

James Taylor Bachelorette 2016 premiere
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Continuing on with the musical theme, a DJ, who RS identifies as Wells Adams, brings the ‘90s R&B group, All-4-One, to serenade the 25-year-old gal.

And costumes also come into play, as we’ll have someone showing off his Scottish heritage in a kilt (Jon Hamilton), and another guy who rides in on a unicorn, which we’ve already told you was Luke Pell.

The first impressions continue inside Bachelor Mansion, with some more successful than others. For instance, apparently one fella asks for a kiss too soon (Will Haduch) while another has such an instant chemistry with the real estate developer, he gets the real first kiss (Jordan Rodgers).

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There will, of course, be some drunken antics, though this year sounds crazier than most as the teaser promises “three inebriated men” — yeesh. You can see one of them via Vinny Ventiera over here. There will be a First Impression Rose recipient, though, and that goes to the aforementioned Jordan.

Now, it’s time for the second alum appearance of the ep, as promised. The “unexpected visitor from the past” who speaks with JoJo is none other than Jake Pavelka.

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The Bachelor Season 14 star doesn’t have romantic intentions for Joelle, though. Instead, Jake’s just an old family friend of hers, and he’s there to give his two cents on the experience — and freak out some of the guys, natch.

JoJo Fletcher and Bachelorette contestants
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At the end, 20 guys will remain, meaning six will be headed home in the first rose ceremony. Want to find out who? Click over here. Quite a bloodbath, right?

The Bachelorette premieres tonight, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


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