Breaking Down the Latest ‘Bachelorette’ Promo: JoJo, You in Danger, Girl! (VIDEO)
JoJo Fletcher Bachelorette 2016 interview
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The Bachelorette

Breaking Down the Latest ‘Bachelorette’ Promo: JoJo, You in Danger, Girl! (VIDEO)


We were all excited for JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette 2016 journey, but that’s quickly turned to worry with the new promo — apparently she’s “in danger”?!

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In the latest preview for Season 12, promising “romance, magic, and a mystery face from the past,” the Dallas beauty starts off having what appears to be a ton of fun (and a lot of kissing, of course).

But things quickly take a darker turn when a former Bachelor star arrives and then one contestant hints someone is there for the wrong reasons. Soon enough, our Bachelorette is in tears — but why!?

Let’s break down what we know so far from the brief clip, shall we?

All the Kissing

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Par for the course, but looks like JoJo really varied her smooching locations this season: in front of fireworks, in front of a clock, on a mountaintop, and, our personal favorite, against a wall during a cocktail party, while the other men sit by unknowing. Get it girl!

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The Intense Dates

JoJo Fletcher and James Taylor
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Aside from the kissing locations, the dates in general this season look on-point. We see the 25-year-old on her swing-dancing date with contestant James Taylor (more on that over here), as well as riding horses, riding in a horse-drawn carriage, and flying on a trapeze (or something?). Lots of fun ahead, guys!

The Frontrunner

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The promised frontrunner, Jordan Rodgers — aka Aaron Rodgers’s little bro — makes his first speaking appearance in this clip, rocking sky high hair. He doesn’t offer much words-wise, uttering, “I look at you and I’m like, ‘Wow.’” But still, it’s something!

The Blast From the Past

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There’s the foot of the “mystery face from the past” we were teased, exiting the limo and causing a ruckus among the nosy contestants. Want to know his identity and intentions? Click over here to find out!

The Heartbreak

JoJo Fletcher
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As you might guess, the “dark forces” that might “ruin her happy ending” are not the above returning Bachelor alum. However, someone is allegedly putting JoJo “in danger,” and soon enough girlfriend is breaking down in tears, gushing about how she was “in love with him.” What happened?!

Find out when The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


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