Robby Hayes Isn’t Just a “Former Swimmer” — He’s Got an Impressive Job
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Robby Hayes Isn’t Just a “Former Swimmer” — He’s Got an Impressive Job


A lot of people gave JoJo Fletcher a hard time for her Bachelorette 2016 final two being seemingly “unemployed” former athletes.

But in reality, that’s far from the truth. We already knew Jordan Rodgers is the co-founder of a nutrition and fitness coaching company, and recently signed a sports analyst gig at SEC Network.

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However, runner-up Robby Hayes’s real job, aside from “former pro swimmer,” might actually be even more impressive — and unexpected.

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During a conference call with reporters this week, the Florida-based hunk revealed he’s two classes away from getting his Master’s Degree in Finance at the University of Miami.

“I'll pick those classes back up this fall,” the 27-year-old explained of his busy schedule, which also included juggling two jobs: GH Investments in Jacksonville and Myrtha Pools in Sarasota.

That being said, it sounds like now, he’ll be streamlining his schedule a bit.

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“Back in November and December, I had already been planning on leaving Myrtha Pools.  So I had been shipping out applications and my resume, trying to line up a new job,” he explained, adding that the show opportunity came soon after.

He continues, “So, I had a little bit of downtime before the show. And actually, a buddy of mine and myself started GH Investments. It's a real estate investment firm that we kind of got off the floor.  But then I left for the show. So it kind of stalled a little bit.”

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Now that the show is over, he says he’s looking forward to getting back to work at the investments company, while also looking for a full-time “stable” gig in a “new city” soon.

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That is, unless he’s named The Bachelor for next year, guys. You never know!