Who Did Rachel Lindsay Eliminate on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017 Episode 7?
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The Bachelorette

Who Did Rachel Lindsay Eliminate on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017 Episode 7?


After the most recent double-episode bloodbath, it’s probably for the best we had a breather before the next chapter in Rachel Lindsay’s love journey.

As sad as we were to have a week off before Episode 7, in Episodes 5 and 6, the Dallas gal sent home a whopping nine of her remaining Bachelorette 2017 contestants, and we have whiplash.

But, on tonight’s episode, it was time for two more guys to go home!

Because next week is the Hometown Dates, Rachel had to cut the group down to four guys, which was not an easy task. 

Before we get to that, however, we had a bunch of 1-on-1 dates! Oh, and did we mention they all took place in Geneva, Switzerland?!

The first date went to Bryan Abasolo, and the two took a ride around the city in a luxury car.

They also hit up a watch shop, where the lawyer bought her man one of their timepieces — perfect to wear to a concert at Victoria Concert Hall afterwards.

It was a lovely evening, and the chiropractor got a rose!

Up next, Dean Unglert got a solo date with the 32-year-old, and they explored Old Town Geneva for the day, before getting into some deep chats about his dysfunctional family.

That might sound heavy, but it worked for the Bachelorette, who was “deeply touched” by his emotional story.

Rachel gave Dean a rose, which means we'll get to meet his family next week!

We had a third 1-on-1, this time it’s with Peter Kraus, who joined her on a helicopter ride out to Glacier 3000!

They took a dog sled ride and sipped on hot chocolate, which was so cozy and romantic.

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The Wisconsin hunk did share that he’s struggled to wait for alone time with her since the first solo date of the season. 

Despite his uncertainty, Peter also got a rose! Who will be the last guy to get a Hometown Date?

Rachel Lindsay And Jonathan Rhys Meyers Visit “Extra”
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The final group date is a 3-on-1 with Adam Gottschalk, Eric Bigger, and Matt Munson.

They shared a boat ride to a French castle, and all got alone time with our Rach with the knowledge that a group date rose was at stake.

She then decided to say goodbye to Matt Munson, which will probably have you saying, “Who?!”


The Connecticut native has had barely any airtime on the show, aside from the premiere when he arrived in a penguin suit.

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Still, you might want to pay attention to the 32-year-old, as he may be showing up in Paradise!

Eric got the coveted rose and is the fourth and final guy heading to his hometown with Rachel!


Guess we’re going to be making a pitstop in Baltimore the following week!

Less obvious, though still not shocking, is Adam Gottschalk’s elimination.

The 27-year-old also made a splash with his doll “AJ” but has mostly served as a narrator for the audience in Season 13.

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He too is one you’ll want to remember for BIP. Just sayin’!

That means we’re going home with Dean (Aspen, Colorado), Peter (Madison, Wisconsin), Eric (Baltimore, Maryland), and Bryan (Miami, Florida) next week. Bring on the families!

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