‘Bachelorette’ 2017 Finale Spoilers: Who Does Rachel Lindsay Pick?
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‘Bachelorette’ 2017 Finale Spoilers: Who Does Rachel Lindsay Pick?


Though Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette 2017 is just coming to an end on-screen, in real time, it filmed months ago.

And thanks to some trusty spoilers, we know how things end for the Dallas gal — more specifically, if she found love on Season 13!

Oh, and it's not with who we heard it was before...

However, before we dive into all that, let’s talk about which of her contestants come close but no cigar in the finale.

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Instead of the usual, the powerhouse lawyer starts off with three finalists at the top of the final episode.

We already know those finalists are chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, hunky Midwesterner Peter Kraus, and motivational speaker Eric Bigger.

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We finish up the overnight dates in Spain with the three hunks, which we started in Episode 9 on July 31.

So far, only one of the keys to the Fantasy Suite was accepted by Eric, but we have feeling the other two will get their intimate time, as well.

Unfortunately, one man just fell short in the physical chemistry department.

We're talking about Baltimore native and total sweetheart Eric. Say it isn't so!

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Though their relationship started off tumultuous, thanks to pot stirring bad boy Lee Garrett, we enjoyed seeing how it developed into a true connection over time.

Unfortunately, it couldn't match the other two...

Dr. Bryan and former model Peter! Not a bad set of options, right?

Sure, the two hunks totally hate each other — remember the "fake cheeks" comment Pete made about his Miami-based competition? — but that doesn't matter when it comes to grabbing Rachel's heart.

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So who will get the rose — and the chance to drop to one knee?

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As we know, Bryan has been a favorite of the Bachelorette's since day one, snagging the First Impression Rose.

Meanwhile, Peter got the first date of the season and has stayed strong ever since.

Both had their rough patches, though, as the above-mentioned Wisconsin struggled with the idea of getting engaged after just a few months of knowing the attorney.

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His foe encountered serious pushback when he met the Lindsay family, who feared his "smooth" nature was too good to be true.

But one of them overcame that all, and according to Reality Steve that man is...


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Hooray! Our gal is in love and engaged to be married. Now, we can’t wait to watch her love story unfold on our TV screens.

Congrats to the happy couple!

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.