Andi Dorfman

Bachelorette Star Andi Dorfman Suffers Brutal Photoshop Fail (VIDEO)

There's a time and place for Photoshop, and we're guessing Andi Dorfman has never been anywhere near there. The gorgeous 27-year-old Bachelorette is like a slim, athletic, shiny-haired dream come true, so you can imagine our head-scratching at the major Photoshop fail ABC had when they were putting together the Season 10 gal's promo shots.

Huffington Post pointed out that egregious error in the above video clip, and it's a doozy. Although we're sure the studio took some creative liberties on other Bachelorettes in the past, there is literally (yes, literally) not a thing we would've changed about Andi. And we can't imagine what it is her shoulder could've done to deserve the boot, but it is missing from the full-size shot ABC's been pushing around town.

Andi's season of the hit show kicks off on May 19 with a 90-minute premiere full of hot guys, sexy suits, oversized button-downs, and flubbed one-liners. We are looking forward to it almost as much as we are to watching Andi look flawless all season — with both shoulders intact, and a good head on them, too.

Are you surprised that they messed up her photo so much? Hit the comments and sound off on your favorite Photoshop fails!