Which Bachelorette Boy Is Flirting With Miss America on Twitter?
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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Boy Is Flirting With Miss America on Twitter?

Miss America is flirting with Mr. America — aka Kasey Stewart of The Bachelorette Season 9! If they keep this up, maybe we can expect little Mini America babies

The reigning Miss A, Mallory Hagan, judged the adorably awkward Mr. America contest on Episode 4 of Desiree Hartsock’s love quest. Mallory took her job very seriously, and she’s still keeping an eye on Des’s boys — with both eyes on their eating habits and toned bodies.

Case in point: Kasey Stewart — that hashtag-loving, James Case-dissing tap dancer — was named the winner of the Mr. America contest. Much later, on September 3, Kasey melodramatically tweeted, “It's the worst feeling ever when you hold the graham cracker in the milk a second too long and it breaks off.”

Zeroing in on the important subtext, Mallory replied, “don't go losing that swim suit physique, Mr. America.” Kasey shot back, “I won cause of the wink I gave you, not my beach body.” Yeah, sure, man. No one has ever won a pageant for their body.

Maybe Juan Pablo Galavis should share some of his bodybuilding supplies with Kasey, as a hint to where his priorities should be. Or maybe Kasey should just ask Mallory out on a dinner date, so she can show him the proper foods to eat to keep a perfect bod. And let's hope he can keep his winking prowess as a hidden talent in his everyday life...

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