Chris Harrison: Brooks Forester Isn’t Ready For Desiree’s Love
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Chris Harrison: Brooks Forester Isn’t Ready For Desiree’s Love

Desiree Hartsock is so lucky in love. She's just this happy, in love, Lululemon-wearing girl-next-door, and it's all thanks to Brooks Forester, The Bachelorette's current frontrunner. Des admitted that she loved Brooks during a mental health check-up with Chris Harrison, and we were 100 percent convinced that he'd reciprocate her feelings during this week's hometown dates.

Yeah, not so much.

Though he had plenty of opportunities to dish his feels, Brooks didn't say "I love you" to Des, and his pimp, Chris Harrison, seems worried. "Brooks is the only one up to this point who hasn’t professed his love verbally to Des," Chris wrote on his Entertainment Weekly Bachelor Blog. "And while this hometown date was pretty good, Brooks still isn’t ready to take that leap and use the 'L' word."

Why, Brooks, why?! We know your feelings and emotions are subject to the clouds and meteorology or whatever, but how much more is poor Des supposed to take?!

Chris seems to think Brooks got the answers he was looking for during his hometown date with Desiree, but couldn't help noticing that Des was the one having to make a good impression on him, instead of him struggling to make a good impression on her.

"It really seemed like he was the one using the time to see if he was ready to take the big leap with Des," Chris mused. "He really seems to be leaning on his family members looking for answers. It seemed by the end he got those answers."

It can't be a good sign that Brooks "got those answers" and still didn't declare his love for Des. Do you think he's wavering in his feelings for her (could he even bow out of this race for love next week?), or is he simply taking his sweet time to say those three magic words?

Source: Entertainment Weekly