Chris Siegfried’s Family Hated His Last Girlfriend — What About Des?
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The Bachelorette

Chris Siegfried’s Family Hated His Last Girlfriend — What About Des?

Hometowns aren’t just rough for the Bachelorette and her beaux. They can also be brutal for any exes unlucky enough to tune in. The ghost of a girlfriend past was particularly present during contestant Chris Siegfried’s hometown visit in McMinnville, Oregon, on the July 15 episode.

During his date, Chris was full-on stressing that Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock wouldn’t measure up to the ex who would not be named. He seemed on the verge of pulling a Bryden if Des didn’t get the stamp of approval from dear ole Mom. Only Brooks seemed more a mama’s boy. (Example: “I trust my mom’s opinion above all others. She’s my favorite person in the world.”)

But, no surprise, Des hit a homerun with the fam (baseball joke!), wowing his closest relatives with her ability to support herself financially. We’d like to think there was a little more conversation that was cut from the episode, because wow that bar is low.

The one hiccup in Chris’s perfect story? Reality Steve calls foul on one thing. “Chris says the last time he brought a girl home was a year and a half ago. Ummm, not true,” Steve tweeted during the Hometown Date.

RS didn’t share any more details but the message made us wonder if the girl Chris’s whole family seemed to loathe just recently made her exit. Is the wound still too fresh for Chris to know if Des is more than just a rebound? Is his relationship with his mom a tad on the too close side? Such were the questions racing through our collective head as Des skipped merrily through the Oregon woods like a true fairy (tale) princess.

Source: Reality Steve on Twitter