Which Bachelorette Contestant Left Behind a Broken Heart?
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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Contestant Left Behind a Broken Heart?

Looks like Brooks Forester left a broken heart behind when he headed to Bachelor Mansion. And — surprise! — it’s a guy.

Brooks’ co-worker Nathaniel Freeman starred in a video mourning the loss of his devastatingly handsome co-worker. This latest and greatest contribution to Bachelorette videos (this season in particular is rife with online spoofs) is the first in a series released by Fit Marketing. That’s the Utah-based company where Brooks works as a sales representative when not starring on reality TV shows. Sidenote: How refreshing is it that he has a real job, right? Sure, it’s nice to date a full-time model (it’s a part-time gig for Brooks) but we’re sure Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock would appreciate a bit more stability.

We can totally relate to the video and to Nate’s struggle to cope in a Brooks-less work environment. If we’d seen such good hair walk out the door, we’d binge eat in the bathroom, too!

Judging by the company’s homepage, Fit Marketing is firmly #teambrooks, even starting an official Brooks Forrester Fan Club on Facebook. Best status so far: “Fast Fact: The translation for ‘Brooks hair’ in Swahili is a series of kissing sounds and the thud of somebody fainting to the ground. #truestory”.

How great is it that the company went the extra mile to support their homeboy? He must be a pretty stand-up guy to warrant his very own memorial video series. We can hardly wait for next Tuesday’s episode!

Source: All Voices