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Bachelorette Date Guide #1, Episode 6.6

Want all the juicy details from Ali's latest date? Here's our quickie recap of the first date in Episode 6.6:

Bachelor attending: Ty Brown

Istanbul, Turkey

What: Wandering around, shopping, hanging out in a Turkish bath, having dinner and dancing outside

Date card: "Let’s get steamy"

Bitter bachelor: Craig R.: "Ty’s got the date. And I’m like 'You kidding me?'"

Context: Ali just dealt with Justin "Rated-R" Rego that morning. She wants to wipe her hands clean of the entire situation and move on. Ty hopes Ali will realize that he has her back. He’s there for her alone.

Ty revelation: This is his first time in Europe.

Ty's expectations: He thinks the connection they already have is good. His expectations are high. Ty: "I can fall in love with Ali. No doubt."

Ali's expectations: Ty is the perfect person to have on this date because he always makes her feel good and he's such a positive person.

Outfits: At the Turkish bathhouse, they wear little sandals and checkered wrappings that look like Italian restaurant tablecloths.

History lesson: The hamam is usually closed to women and Ali felt fortunate and grateful that they made an exception for her date. "It's crazy to think that people have been bathing here for 300 years. I feel empowered being here. There's something very magical about this place."

Kiss: They appear to kiss shoulders. (How Hunter of you!)

Massage 1: Ty massages Ali; while massaging her, he kisses her cheek.

Ali reaction: It's so hot and steamy and sexy, she expects to get close real quick.

Massage 2: Ali massages Ty.

Ali reaction: Ty really pulled through for her. She lost a bit of faith in men and Ty restored that.
Ty's reaction: The chemistry is there between them.

Kiss: Yes! On the lips this time. Steamy! While wearing those tablecloths.

Ty's cheesy line #1: "Falling in love is a big step but it was very easy to have deep, deep feelings when you spend a day like we’ve had so far. If Ali wanted to come back to Turkey for our honeymoon I absolutely would come back."

Dinner: He wears a suit. She's in a black jacket, skinny jeans, and flats. Romantic meal by the water.

Ty's cheesy line #2: "It’s been a learning experience for me in that when it’s right it’s just something that you just know."

What Ty likes about Ali: She’s spontaneous and likes to get her hands dirty. She’s ambitious and driven. It’s sexy.

What Ali likes about Ty: "What do I not like I feel like is the question. I mean you’re very attractive and a big, 6 foot whatever nice looking guy, that helps, but that’s not what’s most important." She says what she looks for most is a feeling, and she feels really good with him.
Ty's revelations about his marriage: Ali asks if there was an incident that happened or if it was something building. It was a build-up, Ty said. He expected one thing and it really wasn’t there. His family was really important to him. He offered the divorce papers. His mom stayed home while the kids were at school. His dad worked. That’s what he was accustomed to. Ty said that was part of the problem. His wife worked and that was part of the issue. He struggled with that. After living a little and realizing he doesn't live in a box, he changed. He thinks he’s a better person now. He loved being married. (Ty's ex-wife's side of the story, however, is quite different!)

Ali's pre-rose speech: She does have concerns. "Traditional is, like, the last word I'd use to describe myself. I feel like I'm opposite of traditional. But most of all you've just been open and honest and 98 percent of the men I know who I would think couldn't make a marriage work couldn't do what you did tonight." (Whuh?) "If anything I feel like you're more ready for this because of what you've experienced."

Rose: Yes; they kiss again.

Ty reaction: He's thrilled, excited, and thankful. "Getting the rose from Ali means that she understands where I’m coming from. She understands what I’ve been through and she’s okay with it."

Ali has a traditional side:
She accepts that he helps her put her jacket on. She likes that kind of chivalry.
Ali revelation: She now feels like she knows more about Ty than anyone else in the house.

Dance: They dance outside at night in a city square as a band plays.

Ty reaction: "Tonight absolutely was the most memorable dance I will ever have — until that day comes and I get to marry her and maybe that first dance will be just as memorable."

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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