Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

Want all the juicy details from Ali's latest date? Here's our quickie recap of the second date in Episode 6.3:

Bachelors attending: Kirk, John, Chris N., Frank, Jonathan, Craig, Justin, Jesse, Chris L.

Date card: "Come rock my world"

What: Barenaked Ladies music video shoot for "You Run Away"; penthouse wrap party

Location: Los Angeles

Transportation: Guys take a giant black Hummer into a sketchy area of downtown L.A. to meet Ali; they magically arrive later at a swanky penthouse for a wrap party

Bitter bachelor #1: Kasey: "I think they’re going to go do something that has to do with music. Which sucks 'cause I would've loved to go and sing and show Ali my voice a little bit. That'd be pretty fun. I can't wait for that one-on-one time. I've love to sing her a song from the heart."

Ali outfit: Light pink tank top to meet the guys, then various outfits for the shoot; black jacket at night; bikini in the pool

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

Barenaked songs: They start with their famous song "One Week," then play their new song "You Run Away"

Barenaked plug #1: Kirk: "This is a band I've been listening to for 10 years. Some of my best high school memories are listening to their music so I’m stoked."

Barenaked plug #2: Craig R.: “I never thought in my entire life that I was going to be in a music video. Every one of my friends at home is going to be so envious and so jealous of me that I got this opportunity.”

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

Random hair update: Jesse flattened down his spiky hair. Do we approve?

Song description: From lead singer Ed Robertson: "The song is from our new record and the song's called 'You Run Away.' I don't know if you guys can relate at all, but it's a song about trying to, like, get someone to choose you and for some reason they're turning away ..."

Attempt to make this seem relevant instead of just a gratuitous plug: Frank to the camera: "What's kind of cool is, the lyrics to their song 'You Run Away,' it's the situation that we're all dealing with with Ali. You know, we all want this one girl we have no control of and in the end she's going to make the decision. So it's so relevant to what we're going through right now."

First scene: Frank oils up Ali's back. She slaps him. They do nine takes.

Bitter bachelor #2: Craig notes that Frank got the first one-on-one date with Ali, too.

Bitter bachelor #3: Chris to the camera: “I wanted Ali to slap Frank. I wanted, like 48 takes of that.” Chris to Ali: “Slap the crap off him!”

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

Bitter bachelor #4: John: "There were eight scenes. Mine was the only one that had no contact with Ali."

Awkward whisper #1: Jonathan to Ali before his library kiss scene: "As much as I want to kiss you and everything, if you feel uncomfortable at all and don’t want to do it I understand and just let me know."

Ali's reaction: "The scene with Jonathan in the library started off very awkward. He was shaking, he was literally physically shaking. And I was just look, oh it’s fine, it’s OK. And I’m thinking I’m not sure if I'm ready to kiss Jonathan."

Craig's reaction: "The general reaction of Ali’s scene with the weatherman was kind of, like, disgust. It was just, like, it was painful."

Crying: Yes; Jonathan tears up in frustration and embarrassment.

Kiss: Ali gives Jonathan a passionate kiss for the scene.

Jonathan reaction: "When Ali kissed me, just sort of like [snaps] a rocket ship it just blew up emotionally. It was great, a good connection. And I was like whoa that has to be real."

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3
Chris reaction: "Today was a big day of firsts for The Weatherman: First kiss with Ali, first kiss in a music video, first kiss … ever."

Hot scene: Kirk and Ali rolling around in bed as they make out. The camera keeps on this scene from several angles as Frank appears to watch.

Ominous comment: Frank to the camera: "Kirk kissed Ali in their music video scene. … Now I feel for the first time like, it's hard for me to really definite it yet, but I feel like something is not right. If Kirk gets the rose tonight it's going to kill me."

Chris revelation: At night, during the wrap party, Chris (finally) tells Ali his mother died about a year and a half ago. He took the deed of their house to the tattoo parlor, had it blown up and had her signature start on his heart and wrap around.
Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

Awkward whisper #2: Jonathan leans in to Ali after their rooftop talk: "Do you want to go somewhere and maybe have like a real first kiss without everybody watching?"

Hot tub: Yes, Ali swims in the tub with Kirk.

Kiss: Yes, Kirk and Ali kiss long and hard in the water to see if their chemistry translates outside the music video.

Kirk reaction: He tells Ali he got the shivers and he's in a hot tub. To the camera: "When Ali and I kissed I was like yes! I knew it was real. I just needed this to solidify it."

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.3

Ali reaction: Kirk has an energy that draws her in. "He makes me feel safe. He makes me feel appreciated and I know he's here to be with me."

Bitter bachelor #5: Frank pulls another "the scene is over" and jumps into the pool to interrupt Kirk and Ali.

Rose: Yes, to Kirk, in the pool along with the other guys; she had nowhere to pin the rose

Kirk reaction: "I've been nothing but myself with her and she likes me for me."

Music video debut: The video is screened for the group as they watch from the pool.

Ali reaction: "The music video was outstanding. The song sort of represents a lot of what I'm going through right now. I can't really commit to one guy so I'm kind of running away from each one of them. ... As much as running away symbolizes sort of my life right now, I don't want to run anymore. So I hope at the end of this my two feet are planted with one great guy."

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