Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.7

The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.7

Want all the juicy details from Ali's latest date? Here's our quickie recap of the second date in Episode 6.7:

Bachelors attending: Ty Brown and Frank Neuschaefer

Location: Portugal

Date card: "Let’s find our future in the past"

What: Helicopter trip to a castle where they hang out and have dinner

Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.7
Optimistic bachelor: Frank: "The good thing about the two-on-one date this week is nobody is going home."

Frank's assessment of Ty:
"I actually feel like Ty and Ali have a great connection. If anything I do consider Ty to be my biggest competition."

Outfit: Ali wears a yellow tank top and white pants.

Bitter bachelors: Frank and Ty talk about how they don’t want to share Ali. Ty said he‘ll make the best of it. "But yeah, it will be weird."

Ali’s history lesson: This castle was actually a gift from the king to his queen, Queen Isabella.

Nature moment: Ty points out a little deer.
Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.7
Awkward dinner: The setting is gorgeous and it has all the elements of a romantic date, but it’s harder than Ali thought it would be. "I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this night." The guys feel the tension. "You guys are fine," Ali says. "It’s me."

Ali's frustration: She has questions for them, but she can’t ask them when they’re both sitting there at the table.

Frank's frustration: "To me, the point of an intimate dinner is being able to have a lovely night with a girl that I am interested in, not with some dude that is also interested in the same girl that I’m interested in."

Ty's frustration: "The only better situation we could’ve been in if you [points to Frank] weren’t here, but it’s still unbelievable."

First one-on-one time: Ali pulls Ty away first, they sit outside to talk in some kind of alley.

Ali's family concerns: What would Ty's mom think about her? Ali is going to be more of a worker than a homemaker.

Ty's answer: If he's happy, his family is going to be satisfied. They’re going to have to go on their gut. He’s all for someone going after a career. It "tickles" him to death that she has a plan and goals and knows what she wants.
Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.7
Ty's assessment of the date: It felt like she really understood what he was talking about.

Kiss: No; they hug and Ty gives her a peck on the cheek.

Second one-one-one time: Ali and Frank sit in a tree.

Frank talks family: He takes his family for granted, that’s how close they are. They trust him 100 percent. If he likes someone, they will like them. So if Ali comes to his house she's going to have fun and feel like she's part of the family.

Kiss: Yes, more than one.

Frank revelation: "There’s one thing I need to tell Ali tonight: I live at home with my parents." He says "One thing you need to know, interestingly, something that has brought my family even closer together..." He talks about how he quit his job in Chicago and went to Europe for a while. He came back, had no job, gave up his condo in the city, and moved back home to live with his parents. He left home at 18 and then didn’t come back for 12 years.

Ali reaction: She hugs him. She tells the camera she can understand why he would wait to tell her that he lives at home 'cause it may make it sound like he lacks ambition. "At this point I don’t care where Frank lives. I like Frank for who he is."
Bachelorette Date Guide #2, Episode 6.7
Frank: "When I told Ali that I live at home with my parents, the look in her eye — it doesn’t matter to her. She understand me. She cares about me."

Frank's tree joke: "Would you live in a tree with me? Let’s live in a tree together. Be a couple of monkeys."

Frank's cheesy line: "I’d live anywhere with you, Ali."

Ali's assessment of Frank: "It’s funny ‘cause you’re everything that I said I wanted, but everything that I fear."

Frank: "What does that mean?"

Ali: "I don’t know. Because you’re funny and you’re interesting, but I think whatever sort of fears you have about me, I have the same about you."

Ali's assessment of the two-on-one date: She feels like she got the answers she needed from the guys.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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