Is Drew Kenney Gay? These Former Bachelor Contestants Think So
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Is Drew Kenney Gay? These Former Bachelor Contestants Think So

We’ve all met a man like Drew Kenney. He’s the guy whose skin is glowing even without makeup, the guy whose fashion sense rivals Nina Garcia’s, the guy whose highly developed emotional IQ makes some people wonder — maybe, just maybe, is he gay?

Let’s state the obvious: Drew is on The Bachelorette, i.e. he wants to date a woman on national television. Why would a man not into women put himself through such an ordeal even if it meant seeing Chris Harrison’s clothing collection up close? Despite this situation, two former Bachelor contestants couldn’t help but ask which team Drew actually plays for.

“Next week Drew definitely comes out to Des. Has to, right?” tweeted Bachelor contestant Sarah Herron during last night’s episode. “HAS TO!” replied fellow ABC sister-wife Lindsay Yenter.

Hold up, now. We don’t have any definitive proof Drew that is gay. Sure, his hair is always perfectly coiffed even when he’s angry. Sure, he brought out an umbrella to protect his delicate skin from the sun because it was raining. And sure, Drew and Kasey Stewart were like a well-styled version of Batman and Robin, putting their pomaded heads together to bring down the “evil” James Case.

Just because Drew’s kind, caring, considerate, hygienic, and sweet doesn’t mean he gets a bigger thrill from Bachelor Mansion than he does from Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. Straight men can have all those desirable qualities too, right? Right?!

Whatever the case — and really, who cares about Drew’s sexuality except his lady love? — he’s clearly convinced Des that he’s all about the females. Because you know nothing says “I’m straight” like taking a woman into a dark alley and forcing your tongue down her throat in the name of romance.

Source: Sarah Herron on Twitter

07.2.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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