Grant Kemp\'s Ex-Girlfriends Reveal Cheating History in Telling Emails
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The Bachelorette

Grant Kemp’s Ex-Girlfriends Reveal Cheating History in Telling Emails


And the emails just keep on coming!

First we learned about Bachelorette 2016 frontrunner Jordan Rodgers' alleged cheating history and now contestant Grant Kemp's ex-girlfriends are coming forward to make similar accusations.

Reality Steve published several emails from former flames in Grant's life and what they had to say isn't exactly sitting well with fans. Check it out below.

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The first email is from "ex-girlfriend one" and she does not sound too pleased.

"He is SCUM!" she writes, adding, "We met in March/April of 2009 right after he turned 21. We started dating then and on Halloween 2009 he moved to SoCal with me and we got an apartment together."

"Cheated on me left and right and left me for someone he ended up getting engaged to, obviously that didn’t work. FYI. Know it has already has been filmed but he is scum of the earth and a pathological liar."

The email goes on to explain how Grant eventually moved out, but they continued dating through November. In December he ended the relationship, saying he was "happily dating someone he loved."

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That brings us to "girlfriend number two." Steve spoke to Grant's ex's aunt, who revealed how they met in December 2010 — the same month he broke up with the first woman — and got engaged three years later.

But in December 2014, while the Bachelorette contestant was still engaged, he met "girlfriend number 3," AKA Jen  — a reality TV producer he was dating right before the show — on a flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. While she didn't know he was engaged, they hit it off and he broke up with his fiancée the following month.

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Steve received another email from Jen's best friend, detailing how they met and eventually broke up. She explained how they met on a plane and Grant even got a tattoo of the flight number.

"He spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with her and her family and by this point he was constantly talking engagement, kids, family etc.," the friend wrote.

"At the very end of January, Grant abruptly broke up with Jen — OVER THE PHONE while she was out of town filming another show. He gave little to no information as to why they were breaking up and canceled a trip to see her to speak about it in person. He just left her in the dark."

That was right around the time Grant joined the cast of The Bachelorette. And, to make it even more complicated, Grant met the Bachelor producers through Jen's TV connections.


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Now, just like we did with the emails from Jordan's exes, we're going to take this all with a grain of salt and see what happens on the show. Will we see some of this behavior between Grant and JoJo as the season continues? We'll have to keep watching!

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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