The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Hottie Is Horsing Around?

This hunk and entrepreneur is a busy guy these days. After his stint on The Bachelorette (hint: he didn’t get the final rose) he went on to star on yet another ABC reality competition show. When that didn’t pan out he traveled the country with a fellow Bachelorette alum, published a book on wine with his brother, tried to launch a reality series of his own, found love, opened a business, lost love, closed a business, and now recently opened another business. Whew! What a whirlwind. ;

We first met the California native when he was vying for the heart of a Canadian-born beauty. He didn’t find love on the show, but he did become deeply involved in a bromance with one of the other contestants. Need a little more? This savvy business man recently left his winemaking roots behind to open a liquid vapor lounge in San Diego. Still more? Fine, but this is the last one: this opinionated heartthrob had a well-known rivalry with fellow Bachelorette alum Jake Pavelka. ; ;

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