JoJo Fletcher Reveals She Knew About Jordan Rodgers Before ‘Bachelorette’
Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher
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The Bachelorette

JoJo Fletcher Reveals She Knew About Jordan Rodgers Before ‘Bachelorette’


Just last Bachelorette season, Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed she and late-entry contestant Nick Viall had a relationship before the show — could JoJo Fletcher be following in her footsteps?

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Word spread recently the Dallas beauty may have been in touch with First Impression Rose recipient Jordan Rodgers (brother of Aaron Rodgers) before filming began for Season 12.

According to Reality Steve’s sources, the good-looking pair were in touch (online or through phone, it’s unclear) before the ex-NFL player (well, practice player) stepped out of the limo in the premiere.

Perhaps in response to those rumors, JoJo herself spoke out about her history with the former athlete this week, and though she doesn’t deny being familiar with Jordan’s name, she doesn’t confirm a previous relationship.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers
Credit: ABC/Rick Rowell    

“A week before this whole thing started I think his name got leaked, and it was kind of all over the Internet, so, you know, it's like ‘Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron’ — so that's what I knew going into it,” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

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While she’ll admit she knew “that tidbit” about him, the 25-year-old insists she knew “nothing else” about the hunk.

She explains, “I don't follow football closely, so it's not like it made a huge difference, but I definitely knew that about him going into it.”

And if that didn’t address the issue enough, she explicitly stated the following:

“The only thing that I knew about him was that he was potentially going to be part of the cast. I've never spoken to him, never met him. That first night was the first night I've ever seen him in my life. [We had] no conversation, even on the Internet.”

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So there you go! That being said, while they may not have been in close contact before, their instant connection sure made it seem like it.

“Sometimes when you're with somebody, you automatically have that sense of comfort and peace … the conversation flowed, he's obviously cute,” the real estate developer gushes. “It was an easy conversation on a very stressful night.”

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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