Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals the Diet & Exercise Regimen That Keeps Her So Fit
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Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals the Diet & Exercise Regimen That Keeps Her So Fit


There’s no question Kaitlyn Bristowe has always been a beautiful woman.

However, since we met the Bachelorette Season 11 star in 2015, she’s definitely changed a lot — something even she admits.

Part of that includes getting into pretty great shape, and now, the 32-year-old is revealing how she got so fit.

Of course, common sense would tell us that fiancé Shawn Booth has something to do with this.

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After all, the hunk is a personal trainer who has completed in both triathlons and Ironman competitions in the last year.

But when it comes to diet specifics, we weren’t entirely sure — until this week!

When the Nashville-based beauty was asked by a Twitter fan how she drinks so much wine and stays so thin, Kaitlyn went into detail about her daily eating regimen.

“I eat VERY CLEAN, and try to exercise,” she started.

“BUT I don't put any pressure on myself because stress eating or drinking is what gets ya!”

It sounds like her daily diet changes a bit, but for the most part, she sticks to some basic daily meals.

For breakfast, the former dance instructor has egg whites, toast with almond butter, and a cup of fruit.

After that, lunch consists of salad and chicken, while dinner is often ground turkey, and spaghetti squash or veggies.

She also indulges in wine often — the girl does have a podcast called Off the Vine, after all — and has a few other vices she just can’t quit.

“I'll eat McDonalds once in awhile, chocolate almost every day,” she wrote, adding that she could eat salmon sashimi “for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

She and her future hubby still partake in their favorite food pizza — they just stick to having it once in a while, and make a healthy version.

To keep herself on track, she admitted to abstaining from starches and carbs after lunch “at least 4 times a week.”

And as we said, her “VERY knowledgeable man” is also there to help out with nutrition.

“It helps. Big time,” she gushed.

The biggest factor in the Canadian cutie’s transformation isn’t her meal plan — it’s time.

“Duh! It’s been like two years! The camera adds 10 pounds, I lost about 5 pounds, because on the show, I gained weight being so stressed out,” she said of her changing looks in late 2016.

She continued, “I cut my hair, I dyed it blonde, I learned how to do my makeup. Obviously, I look different!”

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She also had a message for those with negative comments to say about her appearance.

“Women have wrinkles? They don't age well. Women get Botox? Ew wtf happened to their face. Women are skinny? Must be anorexic. Women are heavier? Omg lose some weight. Women are powerful and opinionated? She must be on her period. I'm SICK of it all,” she captioned an au naturel shot of herself.

She concluded, “I would love for women AND men to join my conversation about what it will take to spread kindness and appreciate ourselves and others. Who is freakin with me. #LoveYourself #LoveOthers.”

Amen to that!