ABC Accused of Lightening Rachel Lindsay’s Skin on ‘Bachelorette’ Poster
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ABC Accused of Lightening Rachel Lindsay’s Skin on ‘Bachelorette’ Poster


It’s been less than 24 hours since ABC dropped Rachel Lindsay’s first Bachelorette 2017 promo photo, and already it’s causing controversy.

We figured there could be some mishandling of race by the white male powers that be, but we didn’t think it would happen before the show even premiered!

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The first gripe some fans had was with the wording — or lack thereof — on the poster.

For years, the promo team has included witticisms to play up the “role” of the new season’s lead.

For instance, Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette 10 had “She’s looking for the right Juan one,” for Bachelor 20’s Ben Higgins it read “A perfect ten Ben,” and most recently, JoJo Fletcher had “From Ben to 26 new men.”


However, a glance at Rachel’s Season 13 edition, the artwork is noticeably absent of any puns or branding of the season.


Of course, this could be harmless, with ABC deciding to ditch the quips moving forward. Or hey, maybe the Dallas lawyer in her stunning chiffon and tulle red Randi Rahm gown was enough.

Then again, there’s another issue some have seen with the image that, if true, would definitely not be harmless.

Celebrity photoshop expert Alan Barry tells the pics of the 31-year-old have been “heavily edited” — and not just for blemishes or stray hairs. We’re talking skin tone!

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“There is a certain amount of color saturation that gets washed out by the studio lighting that this was shot with. However, the photo editor has many choices of how to deal with that,” he explains.

He continues, “Her skin has been obviously lightened in post production.”

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The expert isn’t just saying that without examples — he cites one specific portion of the image that is telltale of the editor’s work.

“It is particularly apparent when looking at the the back of her right arm, which almost appears to be close to a Caucasian skin tone,” he states, which he notes is particularly “embarrassing.”

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At the moment, ABC has not responded to the claims. Stay tuned to Wetpaint as this develops!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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