Bachelorette Heartbreaker Brooks Forester — Where Is He Now?
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Brooks Forester

Bachelorette Heartbreaker Brooks Forester — Where Is He Now?

In the words of hit ‘90s band No Mercy, "where did you go, Brooks Forester? Where did you, where did you go?" This Bachelorette Season 9 heartthrob has been tragically absent from the spotlight since breaking up with Desiree Hartsock in the most tearful way ever, and we're dying to know what his floppy hair of hilarity has been up to. The answer: like, so much.

Brooks is still making moves in the marketing world, and even uses his stint on The Bachelorette to teach people about love! By which we mean his love for marketing. This dude's most recent company event was described as teaching participants "about inbound love, and finding leads in unexpected places," so clearly he took a few important life lessons away from his relationship with Des. Including a deep knowledge of cloud formations, as well as permanent salt stains on his cheeks (from all the tears, duh).

When it comes to Brooks's dating life, it looks like he's still searching for someone special to give his final rose to. The good news is that he has dog, so there's finally someone cute for him to cuddle up next to in his fantasy suite.

But, what does Brooks do in his free time? When he isn't participating in yoga flash mobs, he can be found penning extremely detailed product reviews of tents, spending time with his family, and traipsing around Mexico like a nomadic grifter in Teva sandals. Oh, and he can also be found emceeing local charity events, because he's basically the best person ever other than Sean "Secretly Jesus" Lowe.

Of course, the biggest news in Brooks' life is the fact that he's grown a beard –– which makes total sense. Clearly his face was super jealous of the cascade of glory that he calls hair, and decided to transform itself into a carpet. It's amazing, we love it, and we hope it's here to stay.

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