Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals the Final Three!

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Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals the Final Three!


On the day of the Bachelorette Season 11 premiere on May 18, Reality Steve dropped a rose-load of spoilers. There were a lot of surprises, and none more than how the show ends. But if you don’t want to be totally spoiled, there’s one stop on the way to engagement town that you might want to check out: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s final three guys.


Yes, we said final three. This season, things are quite different. For example, there’s no Final Four and the Hometown Dates don’t really happen. Instead, Kaitlyn takes her half-dozen fellas to Killarney, Ireland in Episode 7 on June 29, and then axes half of them. The remaining three guys are then treated to the famous Fantasy Suites dates in Episode 8 while in Ireland, rather than heading home to show Kait around their podunk origins.

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So, which guys get a chance to make it around the bases with Kaitlyn? Well, if you watched the season preview or the first couple episodes, you know she already has a huge connection with First Impression Rose getter Shawn Booth. The Ryan Gosling lookalike is crushing on Kaitlyn hard already, just a few hours in, and the two shared a pretty steamy makeout session. Now, take that image of them kissing, and multiply it by seven weeks of flirting during stolen moments. That, friends, is what we’re dealing with when Shawn and Kaitlyn get to spend the night alone.

bachelorette premiere KAITLYN BRISTOWE, BEN H.
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As for the second guy in the mix, that’s total babe Ben Higgins. Ben didn’t make a strong showing in the Season 11 Premiere, but he’s super hot, and we can imagine that Kaitlyn’s eyesight is pretty good. Business analyst Ben is younger than Kaitlyn, at just 25 years old, but he’s definitely a favorite of hers. According to Reality Steve, he scores a Group Date Rose in Episode 3, and a 1-on-1 in Episode 5. No dark horse here!

Nick Viall and Kaitlyn Bristowe on Bachelorette

Last but not least, it’s the guy who wants to know why you’d make love with him if you’re not in love with him. Yep, Nick Viall once again makes it past the crowd, likely thanks to his smarter brain and penchant for henley shirts. Or maybe because RS says he’s been straight up macking on Kaitlyn since like five minutes after her season of The Bachelor stopped filming. And according to RS, this might not be their first time getting all fantasy-esque in the suite. What.


What do you think of the final three dudes? Are any of them your pick for Kailtyn’s future husband? Hit the comments.


Source: Reality Steve