Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Cody Sattler?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Cody Sattler?

UPDATE 6/23/14: Oh, Cody Sattler. Cody, Cody, Cody. While we will miss your V-necks and the special way our television glowed whenever your spray tan was especially on point, we're pretty sure your time had come. You made it through Episode 6 with no kiss on a very kissy season of The Bachelorette? Yeah, you got friend-zoned. And then you cried to the ABC cameras and got double friend-zoned.

But we're surprisingly sad to see C.Satts go. When he wasn't thumping his chest for more Muscle Milk or heaving limos up "hills," blondie locks was actually a great source of entertainment (“got my mime on my money and my money on my mime,” anyone?). But apparently, Andi is into guys who are a little more Romeo, a little less Macklemore. He tried in that Verona reenactment, Andi. He. Tried. But Shakespeare just ain't the boy's first language (hint: grunts are).

He kinda won us over with the depth of his emotions on his 1-on-1 date, though. However, telling Andi he wanted to do everything with her — including wrestling and rolling around (huh?) — sent up the red flags for the Georgia Peach. He's a puppy, Andi, he said so himself. He just wants you to pat him on the head when he fetches your purse. And then he begs (Oh Cody, the begging! Stahp!).

So, we bid you arrivederci, fair Cody. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Just be grateful the producers didn't insist you continue your Romeo and Juliet reenactment during your departure. That would have been tragedy.

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Bachelorette 2014: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Cody Sattler?
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ORIGINAL STORY 4/2/14: The Bachelorette Season 10 is pretty much a giant slideshow of all the guys we want to get to know, intimately. There are braniacs, fashionistos, sweethearts, and chill dudes who look like they’d be perfect karaoke pals (yeah, that’s a type). And then there’s blondie locks Cody Sattler, who is just a horse of a different color.

All of Andi Dorfman’s contestants have their own unique thing going on, but we can’t quite figure Cody out, for some reason. Spoiler guru Reality Steve pegged the 28-year-old as one of the hotties ready for homegirl’s jelly, but we don’t know how he got so much knowledge to drop.

Why? Well, Cody has a super small social media presence for some reason, which makes us scratch our heads. What hot, Chicago, Illinois-dwellin’ fella (that’s where he lives, by the way) doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence? We know they try to scrub their info on the Internet before going on the show, but this is just cray.

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What we do know about Cody Satts — as we’ll insist on calling him until he tells us to stop — lived in Omaha, Nebraska before moving to the Windy City. After attending Garden City Community College in Kansas City, Kansas, he went on to Kansas State (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!). But that wasn’t the last time he stuck his nose in a book.

You see, while he may make his money these days as a Boot Camp instructor, he hasn’t always been all about the dead lifts. He also worked as a 6th grade teacher, and now tutors kids for the low low price of 50 bucks an hour in subjects such as pre-algebra, vocabulary, and more.

So, how far does he make it? Well, we know that he was on the sweaters team during Episode 3’s Boyz II Men group date in Santa Barbara, California. After that? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think about Cody Sattler: Is he going to steal Andi’s heart, or will he disappear into obscurity when she casts him aside?

Source: Reality Steve