Bachelorette 2013 — Whose Hometown Date Was Best?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 — Whose Hometown Date Was Best?

Seeing as we get stress rashes from meeting just one set of potential in-laws, we have to give mad props to Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock for powering through four rounds of famtensity during the July 15 Hometown Dates episode.

Not only did Des have to deal with more names, faces, and plaid shirts than seems decent, she got emotionally ambushed by all the remaining men. It seems Zak and Drew put their overly styled heads together on the flight back from Europe and decided Hometowns would be the perfect time to each drop the “L” word. Meanwhile, Chris and Brooks opted to put the fate of their love lives in their moms’ capable, clutching hands.

We’ve tallied up the best and the worst moments from tonight’s Hometown episode. Tell us whose family you think reigned supreme.

Zak Waddell

Best: His adorable family. Zak’s sister and brother could easily solve ABC’s casting issues for the next couple of seasons with their excellent genes.

Worst: That freakin’ ring. We’ve known Zak’s been carrying around the pawn shop “find” since Atlantic City, but was the first time Des met your family the right time to bring out a ring? Probably not.

Drew Kenney

Best: This is a tough one. Drew’s family clearly has a rocky relationship but Des’ presence seemed to lighten the mood of the whole house.

Worst: All that gel up in thurr. Oh and Drew’s dad attempt to connect with Des over the dead-end question, “Do you believe in angels?” (Hint: there’s only one correct response.) Yes, but only if Chris Harrison counts.

Chris Siegfried

Best: The baseball, the baseball-related puns, and the unbridled joy in Siggy’s eyes when he found out Des can actually throw a few.

Worst: We were going to say Des’ color pencil sketches and then his dad stuck a baster up his son’s nose and asked him to blow. End of story.

Brooks Forester

Best: The bushelful of siblings. It was like the Brady Bunch was back on TV! And Brooks is Marsha.

Worst: That shirt. Was the hard-to-get Brooks trying to be the bumblebee to Des’ love flower? We sure hope so. At least it’s an excuse.