The Bachelor or The Bachelorette: Which Show Do You Prefer? The Answer Is…
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor or The Bachelorette: Which Show Do You Prefer? The Answer Is…

We’re glued to our couch every Monday for at least half the year, thanks to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette taking over the primetime ABC slot for months of our lives that we can never get back. But while we love both like they’re our children (and Bachelor Pad like that kid from our first marriage we sometimes acknowledge), the question we always ask is: Which one do you like better? We asked Viggle LIVE! users, and they were totally Team Bachelor.

How much does the winter show beat out its springtime sister? Uh, by a lot, it turns out. In fact, 74 percent of Vigglers were all about the drama that goes down when you shove 25 (or more) ladies into a house and film what happens. Meanwhile, 26 percent of respondents are all about the hotness of the single fellas trying to get with the Bachelorette.

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We get where Viggle users are coming from: Sometimes yells and squeals trump abs of steel for us, too. And with this season of The Bachelor winding down, we sometimes get a little nostalgic. Remember when Juan Pablo Galavis’s season started and we had never seen Lucy Aragon naked, or heard Clare Crawley talk about how warm weather swimming was on her bucket list? Those were the days.

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