What Does Bachelorette 2013’s Zak Waddell Do for a Living?
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What Does Bachelorette 2013’s Zak Waddell Do for a Living?

Zak Waddell: Professional nudist and full-time fluid driller. We've come to know and love this Texan hunk thanks to his stint on The Bachelorette, but how does he spend his downtime? Flopping around in mud, that's how.

Zak works as a drilling engineer for AIP Incorporated, and claims to have a "solid knowledge of Drilling Processes with an expertise in Drilling Fluids" — which we're sure will come in super handy during The Bachelorette's pilgrimage to the fantasy suites.

Zak's had a pretty dynamic experience when it comes to his career. After getting a B.S. in Psychology and English from Texas A&M University, as well as a Masters of Humanities in Politics and Philosophy from University of Dallas, he took a job as a Congressional Liaison in the United States Senate (2006-2007)! Are you thinking what we're thinking? Zak Waddell for president 2016!

Of course, Zak has a body that just won't quit, so if the whole "frolicking around in mud pits" thing doesn't work out, he can always follow in the footsteps of his Bachelorette co-competitors and become a part-time model. That six-pack deserves to be immortalized in black and white. Can we get an amen?

Source: LinkedIn profile (now defunct)