The Bachelor’s Catherine Lowe Shares Secrets to Her Marriage With Sean Lowe
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The Bachelor’s Catherine Lowe Shares Secrets to Her Marriage With Sean Lowe

You know how Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici (now Lowe) appear to be the perfect couple? Yeah, well, that’s because they kind of are. After meeting and getting engaged on The Bachelor Season 18, their televised storybook wedding was just the first chapter in a storybook marriage. So what’s their secret to everlasting lovey dovey-ness?

According to Catherine, the key to a roaring romance is pulling the plug on technology and making time for some 1-on-1 all aloneness. “Carving out a date night every week or two is something that works for us,” she writes in Glamour. “QT is important in a relationship — that means an intentional effort to cater to your loved one — and our phones, computers, and TVs have to take a backseat.”

What else works for the Lowes? Cat suggests figuring out what kind of love language you and your partner speak, so your attempts to romance each other don’t get lost in translation. “Sean is a Words of Affirmation guy, so I tell him how well he’s doing in doggy daddy-hood, husbandry, and his business endeavors and leave him Lowe Notes [Catherine’s line of greeting cards] to tell him how much I appreciate him. He holds my hand everywhere because I’m a Physical Touch kind of girl.”

C.Lowe also cautions that women can’t expect men to do all the work of wooing in a relationship. “In order for you to expect to be treated like the fabulous lady you are, you have to treat him well too!” Well sure, but can we get a little princess pampering please?

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Source: Glamour