Bachelor’s Jamie Otis Married a Stranger in Her New Reality Show! (UPDATE)
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Bachelor’s Jamie Otis Married a Stranger in Her New Reality Show! (UPDATE)

UPDATE 7/11/14: Welp, boys and girls, she did it. Jamie Otis, known for mad bad kissing skillz on The Bachelor Season 16, has gone and gotten herself hitched — to a stranger. On the fyi network's new show Married at First Sight, three pairs of single strangers marry each other, well, at first sight. So who did Jamie say "I do" to?

Jamie's new man is Doug Hehner, 27, who is a commercial sales rep and lifeguard from New Jersey. Mmmmmm, lifeguards. Unfortunately, during the premiere Jamie neglected to find her new hubby all that hubba hubba. As she's walking toward the altar her voice over states "Walking down the aisle I am so scared. This is the worst feeling. I just happen to not be attracted to the guy." Ouch.

Luckily, they only have to stay married for four weeks and then the couple can decide if they want to stay together or call it quits.

Jamie may not have been attracted to Doug at first, but her Twitter feed indicates times, they are a changing. One tweeter wrote, "I say she didn't marry him cause he's not 'hot' like she is." Jamie's response was "attractiveness grows w time & love!" And in this good-humored photo, Jamie appears to be hanging on to Doug tight while he cringes away from her like he's the one not attracted to her. Very cute.

We're a little stunned to be saying this, but it appears things may work for these crazy kids. Guess we'll find out in a four weeks when they're given the choice to break up or keep on, keepin on.

ORIGINAL STORY 7/2/14: File this under one we didn’t see coming: Jamie Otis, the trainwreck kisser from Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor, is a married woman. Who’d she marry? We don’t know — and neither did she until just moments before the ceremony.

Jamie is a star on the new reality series, Married at First Sight, premiering Tuesday, July 8 on the fyi network. The premise of the show is that “experts” match couples up with their forever mates, promising true love. The catch? You gotta really trust the matchmaker, since the couples aren’t allowed to meet until their wedding.

Apparently Jamie went through with the nuptials, since she posted this pic on her Twitter with the caption, “Cat is out of the bag! I’m married! Excited to share my journey with you all on July 8th!” OMG, now all we’re going to be doing this 4th of July weekend is constructing a wedding chapel replica — complete with Jamie and unknown man lookalikes — out of hot dog buns and jello salad (and empty boxes of Franzia).

The sneak peek shows a super smiley Jamie trying on wedding dresses, then saying, “scientifically it’s supposed to be perfect.” Next, they show a serious-looking dude going through a database — which looks suspiciously like uploaded to Jack Bauer’s iPad. Very scientific.

We’re a little unsure of the format of the show, but basically some gurus use their guru-ness to match the stars up with their perfect mate and then the newly formed (and likely terrified) couple says “I do.” We don’t, but we’ll totally watch.

Jamie was sent home during episode 6 of season 16 of The Bachelor, and then got dissed on Bachelor Pad 3 by Chris “lady killer” Bukowski, but it looks like our gal’s persistent because she’s giving reality love another go. If at first you don’t succeed… keep trying until they stop paying you to be on TV.

The promo for Married asks, “can total strangers marry at first sight…and make it last?” Um, we’re not sure how you’re going to answer that question for us, fyi network, unless you continue to follow the couple for the remainder of their lives. Regardless, it’ll be a fun exercise in shouting “I can’t believe they just did that!” at the television.

Check out Jamie in the promo here.

Is this the craziest concept for a show you’ve ever heard? Would you marry someone at first sight? Let us know in the comments.

Source: fyi network