The Bachelor’s Nikki Ferrell Has a Love/Hate Relationship With Who…?
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The Bachelor’s Nikki Ferrell Has a Love/Hate Relationship With Who…?

Shortly after The Bachelor Season 18 wrapped in March, Twitter blew up with negative opinions about winner Nikki Ferrell’s relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis. It appears she’s still getting unwelcome comments on her feed, because the pediatric nurse got a little snarky on the social media outlet recently. “1 day you are reporting local news the next day America has a love/hate relationship w you over your bf,” she wrote. What’s the 27-year-old Nikki tweeting about?

Back in March, a web journalist alerted the world that she’d been receiving tweets intended for Nikki — and they haven’t all been nice. One such tweet from an unnamed source states, “I officially hate @NikkiFerrell.” Ouch. Why does the poor news gal keep getting misdirected Twitter messages from the reality star’s “fans”? Because they have the same name and almost identical twitter handles. The Nikki Ferrell who locks lips with Juan Pablo tweets from @Nikki_Ferrell, while the journalist tweets from @NikkiFerrell. Ay yi yi!

The journalist posted an article with a collection of tweets aimed for Nikki, some encouraging, some weird, and some less than flattering, and Nikki finally retweeted the article on May 2 with her added snark bomb about America having a love/hate relationship with her thanks to her man. The sometimes villain of Season 18 has stayed fairly mum as of late about her amour being named the most despised Bachelor ever, but right after the show’s season finale, she had some choice words for all the haters out there.

Looks like the stress of being in the public eye is getting to the Kansas City native yet again with this latest outburst, but we can’t really blame her. It’s got to be tough having a fairly large gaggle of Bachelor fans waiting to cheer the news that you’ve broken up with your boyfriend...

Do you think it’s OK for people to bash celebs online, or should haters keep their comments to themselves?

Source: Nikki Ferrell on Twitter