The Bachelor’s Nikki Ferrell Wants Juan Pablo Galavis to Get Her a WHAT?
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Nikki Ferrell Wants Juan Pablo Galavis to Get Her a WHAT?

Ever since Juan Pablo Galavis told Nikki Ferrell he liked her a lot during The Bachelor Season 18 finale, her ring finger has been on our watch list. And despite pretty much everyone placing bets that the two wouldn’t make it past the After the Final Rose taping, the love likebirds still appear to be going strong. They also still appear to not be engaged, and Nikki may be distracting herself from that fact by asking Juan Pabs for a different demonstration of love.

JPG’s “Catira” took to Twitter to appeal to Juan’s softer side, writing, “I reeeaaallyyyy want a kitten. Everyone tell @JuanPaGalavis to get me one right meow.” Looks like Nikki needs something to cuddle with when she and her man are apart (he lives in Miami, her pad is in Kansas City).

El Bachelor’s response? Well, let’s just say the prognosis is not good. The king of all caps tweeted back, “Very FUNNY Catira.” Um, we fail to see the joke, Pabs. There’s kind of a basic science to dating that goes like this: Lady wants a cat to cuddle, you get her a cat to cuddle. And hey, get her a kitten and you just may buy yourself another three months of not getting her a ring...

What do you think of Juan’s response to Nikki’s text? Funny or no laughing matter?

Source: Nikki on Twitter, Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter

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