Lamar Odom Back in NBA, Playing for the Knicks Tonight
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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Back in NBA, Playing for the Knicks Tonight

When Khloe Kardashian's estranged husband Lamar Odom had to quit a Spanish basketball team last month due to a back injury, he said that "everything happens for a reason." Maybe he's right — just a month after getting back to the States, Lamar is back in the NBA, playing for the New York Knicks! Not only that, but his first game with the team, according to TMZ, is tonight. As in, right now. New Knicks president Phil Jackson, who worked with Lamar as a Lakers coach, has announced that Lamar has been signed to the team for the rest of the NBA season... but tonight is the last Knicks game of the season. We'll wait and see whether it leads to something longer!

Last year, amid rumors of a drug problem, Lamar separated from Khloe and the NBA. Talk about a losing streak! The Dallas Mavericks terminated his contract early, leaving him without a team for the 2012 season — and no team picked him back up for 2013. Khloe filed for divorce in December.

Now, it sounds like Lamar's getting his life back together, so does that mean he'll be reuniting with Khloe? “I’m going to see Khloe,” Lamar told In Touch last month in NYC. “I’m going to see her soon.”

Whether Khloe would be receptive to a reunion could go either way, potential boyfriends aside. Some reports say she's "checking up on him every day" or that she'd take him back "if he really changed," while others say that Khloe is "refusing to take his calls."

“It’s definitely not anything I’m through,” Khloe said in a radio interview in March, a statement which could support either case. “I’m going through it, but I’m not through it.”

Is Lamar turning his life around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: TMZ, NBA, Us Weekly