Adam Levine Faces Backlash Over PSA In Favor Of ADHD Meds
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Adam Levine

Adam Levine Faces Backlash Over PSA In Favor Of ADHD Meds

We’ve all seen the Proactiv commercials featuring The Voice’s Adam Levine, but did you know he also stumps for ADHD medicine? In fact, some people are up in arms about the PSA, as many experts feel medication isn’t the way to go when it comes to treating ADHD.

“It’s a disturbing trend that has been developing in the mental health community for quite some time, where it’s all too easy to over diagnose ADHD and dispense medication as treatment when in fact a much more comprehensive approach is better for patients,” Jeff Ball, Ph.D., founder and executive director of PCH Treatment Centers in West LA, said in a statement to RumorFix.

Dr. Ball goes on to talk about how ADHD is often misdiagnosed, and that the only way to properly diagnose it is with neuropsychological testing.

“The best approach to treat people who may actually have ADHD may involve individual, group and sometimes family therapy; physical activity including exercise, yoga, walks, etc; biofeedback; art therapy; and other forms of holistic therapy,” Dr. Ball goes on to say. “Medications should not the first course of treatment and when they are needed, should be used as sparingly as possible.”

In the PSA, Adam talks about his concerns about his ability to focus, saying, “I wondered why I couldn’t organize my thoughts.”

Although the Maroon 5 frontman doesn’t name a specific ADHD medication, he does say he consulted a doctor for his symptoms. And, as RumorFix points out, the commercial is sponsored by Shire, which makes the well known ADHD medication Adderall.

“Like many kids with ADHD, I didn’t outgrow it. I remember very distinctly not being able to focus, so that was right around the time I saw a doctor,” Adam says in the PSA.

Dr. Ball’s concern about the commercial is that Adam’s influence may encourage fans and the general public to request the prescription from their doctor, and doctors comply with the requests a good deal of the time.

What do you think — should Adam do a commercial like this for ADHD meds? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments!

Source: RumorFix

01.23.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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