Bad Girls Club Star Amber Meade Files For Bankruptcy
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Bad Girls Club Star Amber Meade Files For Bankruptcy

Former Bad Girls Club star Amber Meade has quickly gone from brawler to broke.

The erstwhile reality star, who starred on the Oxygen hit’s third season, was forced to file bankruptcy in 2013, according to documents published by

The bubbly blonde filed for Chapter 7 or “straight” bankruptcy, which liquidates the individual’s assets in order to repay heavy debt.

In the filing, Amber reported having only $4,510 in total assets, including a 1994 Buick, $200 in checking, and $100 worth of cold, hard cash. While that may not sound like such a dire situation from the outside, when compared with Amber’s $52,241.64 in debt, the picture starts to look a whole lot less pretty.

So was Amber living the high life on her creditor’s dime? Not exactly, according to the filing.

Despite her former fame, Minnesota native Amber has been living hand-to-mouth for quite some time, pulling in just over $1,500 each month between her promotional appearances and her job working for a mortgage company, while spending $1,621 every four weeks for necessities and repayments of a $6,580 student loan.

Luckily for Amber, a court agreed that her debt was insurmountable and let her off the hook, thereby closing the case.

Are you surprised at Amber’s dire financial situation?


02.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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