Bad Weaves and Swandom: America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16, Episode 3
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America's Next Top Model

Bad Weaves and Swandom: America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16, Episode 3

It’s the biggest day of the year on the ANTM calendar — Makeover Day (Cycle 16, Episode 3; March 9, 2011). And what would any holiday be without happiness, tears, confusion, and a little rage? On we go!

Enough Rope to Hang Your Makeover Dreams: When the girls get back to the house, there’s a rope hanging in the window pane with a tag that reads “Pull Me.” This seems like a trap. An obvious trap. Everyone starts screaming, and then a giant roll, uh, unrolls. There are hair descriptions all over it — everything from “manly, short brown spikes” to “add some gentle waves.” We like this game. So much mystery, and yet, so little. Dominique starts dancing, and Monique says, “I just hope I’m not the Dutch boy.”

But Who Is the Dutch Boy?: At the salon, J and Jay do the normal “There’s gonna be drama!” routine and introduce hair stylist Laurent D. and photographer Troy Jensen. Things get started. Below is a list of each model with her makeover label and her reaction to the transformation.

Brittani: “Short Dutch Boy.” There you have it. Brittani likes the blunt bob and bangs.

Jaclyn: “Big, Gurly and Curly.” Not much has changed. J tells her he's getting the razor, but it’s just a crazy joke! She’s relieved.

Monique: “Add a few gentle waves.” Monique is pleased to still be so sexy.

Sara: “Manly, short brown spikes.” Which doesn’t include a rat tail. Sara is bummed ‘cause she wanted extensions, not more androgyny.

Alexandria: “Longer, Straighter, Blonder!” Alexandria has a fit about how the extensions are put in and cries to one of the stylists about it. This is the first of about three total fits in the episode. Jaclyn’s sweet indignation at her complaints is awesome.

Dominique: “Kinky, Red and Wild (with Matching Brows).” She cries, and then takes it back. She looks fierce.

Bad Weaves and Swandom: America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16, Episode 3
Credit: Pottle Productions Inc/The CW ©2011 The CW Network.    

Molly: “What if Diana Ross was a blonde?” An outside weave specialist is brought in to answer this question, and her answer is wrong. Really wrong. Laurent D. tries to fix the weave for the post-makeover photo, but it doesn't help much. In fact, it still looks like someone glued a curly wig two inches based her hairline and then went home. Molly’s really angry, and we don’t blame her.

Mikaela: “Think Pocahontas.” Mikaela feels like the Little Mermaid. Go figure.

Kasia: “Big, blonde crimped craziness.” She loves it and says bigger is better.

Dalya: “Long, black and straight.” Dalya’s happy to be rid of the ponytail.

Hannah: “Dirty blonde and big waves.” She feels more luscious and sexy.

[Check out the girls' makeover photos here!]

Couture! Trees!: The Tyra Mail says something about photosynthesis, and just like that we’re at a ranch. Stylist Lori Goldstein and photographer Pamela Hanson team up to put the models in some crazy amazing couture outfits for this Fancy People Standing Dreamily by Trees photo shoot. We’d really like to try these clothes on and twirl around for hours. Lots of Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, lace, ruffles, hats, and reflective things. The girls are working in groups, so the idea is to outshine the competition. Sigh. Group work is the worst.

Molly and Kasia are a little awkward at first, but eventually find a groove. Alexandria and Monique get into an argument before the shoot and then try to upstage each other in every way possible. It’s kind of hilarious. Sara and Mikaela don’t really know what to do together, and it looks a little robotic. Brittani and Hannah can’t think of anything genuinely funny, and that hurts their performances. Dominique, Jaclyn and Dalya basically become Jaclyn and Dalya. Jay doesn’t think Dominique looks inspired.

Back at home, Molly continues to mourn her hair, and everyone else avoids Alexandria. Alexandria knows they're just intimidated. This is scary business.

The Panel: So, these photos are beautiful. The judges feel Alexandria and Monique both look stunning, but Lori scolds Alexandria for her crankiness at the shoot. Tyra says Brittani and Hannah did “a beautiful waltz” and they all love Hannah’s body language. Jaclyn and Dalya are praised, but Dominique is called out for looking blank. Lori takes issue with Mikaela’s closed eyes, and all agree that Sara has potential but needs to get some confidence. Everyone pretty much loses their minds over Kasia and Molly and their “swandom.” Molly looks like a rebel who overcame the worst hair in town, and Kasia’s open mouth is hailed as brilliant by everyone except Nigel.

Call-out Order: Alexandria (with an attitude warning), Molly, Brittani, Kasia, Jaclyn, Hannah, Monique, Dalya, and Mikaela. Sara and Dominique are the bottom two.

Bad Weaves and Swandom: America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16, Episode 3
Credit: Pottle Productions Inc/The CW ©2011 The CW Network.    

The L.A. Story Ends For: Dominique. She feels she has a great personality, but just didn’t show it.


Makeover Photos!

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