Bambi Calls Out Momma Dee For Meddling in Lil Scrappy’s Affairs (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Bambi Calls Out Momma Dee For Meddling in Lil Scrappy’s Affairs (VIDEO)

If you were missing The Bambster on last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, never fear — there’s a new bonus clip featuring Bambi and her sort-of boyfriend, Lil Scrappy, and guys, it doesn’t look so good for the duo.

These two have had quite a rollercoaster ride of a relationship and in the clip below, Scrappy tells Bambi that his mom, Momma Dee, is requesting he take some time to talk over things with his friend, Erica Pinkett, and well, Bambi’s not too cool with how involved Momma Dee is… with everything.

As Lil Scrappy explains to Bambi how his mother spoke with (a very distraught) Pinkett, The Bambs became confused about Momma Dee’s involvement in it all.

“Why would she be talking to her?” Bambi asks Scrappy. As the conversation continues, things become pretty heated, and when Bambi asks, “So you, her, and your mama is going to have a family meeting?”she takes it one step further.

“Why is she even involved?” Bambi questions. “For real, like I don’t understand that? Is your mama a side bitch?”

Scrappy, visibly taken aback by the question, tells Bambi “I think you’re being an a—hole right now,” and goes on to say she’s being “unreasonable.”

However, Bambi doesn’t agree. In fact, she tells Scrappy that he’s a mama’s boy… in a manner of speaking.

“What I’m saying is your mama tells you want to do, and you do it,” she tells him.

Obviously things aren’t going as Scrappy intended, and when he tells Bambi to make a decision about whether or not she wants to be with him, she turns it around saying she’s the one in control and he’s the one who needs to figure out what he wants.

Do you think Scrappy and Bambi are a good fit for each other or should they go their separate ways? Sound off in the comments below!

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