11 Banned Super Bowl Commercials: Murderers, Beavers, Mickey Rooney, & More
Banned Super Bowl commercials
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Super Bowl

11 Banned Super Bowl Commercials: Murderers, Beavers, Mickey Rooney, & More


The Super Bowl isn’t just the pinnacle of the NFL season — it’s also the ultimate showdown of TV commercials. But some companies go too far in their attempts to have that one advertisement everyone is talking about the next day.

Here are some ads that never made it to the big game — whether it’s because they’re too raunchy, too twisted, or just too weird.

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Scores, 2016

In an ad banned from this year’s Super Bowl, viewers are taken on a tour of NYC strip joint Scores as a narrator encourages one-on-one interactions on the Scores website.

Pornhub, 2013

An old couple sits on a bench and exchanges loving looks before the Pornhub logo appears superimposed.

“Our Protection” by Durex, 2012

A reverse chronology shows how one man’s life of violent crime is the fault of his condomless parents — but not before we have to see him threaten a woman and her daughter with a knife, chase students into the path of a speeding vehicle, and put his childhood cat into an oven.

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“Filthy Cheat” by Ashley Madison, 2011

A woman tells her coworkers her husband is cheating on her before her clothes fly off. And then she kisses another woman. And there’s a guy in a bunny suit. And a guy kissing a capybara.

“In the Hole” by KGB, 2010

Two wives call agents from this directory assistance company when their stubborn, know-it-all husbands literally have their heads up their butts.

“Veggie Love” by PETA, 2009

Trying to support the claim that vegetarians have better sex, lingerie-clad ladies pose in all sorts of provocative ways with broccoli, cucumbers, asparagus, and even a pumpkin.

Airborne, 2009

A fellow sauna patron startles a then-88-year-old Mickey Rooney — of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and National Velvet fame — who screams and runs out of the sauna, dropping his towel and flashing his butt.

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“Exposure” by GoDaddy, 2008

Hollywood starlets arrive at a red carpet event, stepping out of the cars and showing off their beavers — as in, the woodland creature.

“Foul Ball” by Rolling Rock, 2007

A ricocheting foul ball at a baseball game hits the crotches of no fewer than 13 men throughout the stadium: players, fans, coaches, mascots, vendors, and even the announcers.

“Good Dog” by Bud Light, 2006

Unimpressed by the fetching trick of his friend’s dog, a guy has his pooch bite that man’s crotch to make that friend let go of his beer.

“Bottle Opener” by Bud Light, 2006

A man who doesn’t want to be caught stealing Bud Light hides under the bar counter, with his butt inadvertently positioned in the same place as the bartender’s bottle opener. The inevitable happens.

Tune in to see which ads make the cut when Super Bowl 50 airs on Sunday, February 7, at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.