Barbara Evans Wishes Jenelle Was Still Dating Gary Head — Report
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Barbara Evans Wishes Jenelle Was Still Dating Gary Head — Report

Tonight's all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 promises to be more dramatic than ever — which is to be expected, considering our favorite New England native, Barbara Evans, is in the house. The world-weary mother of Jenelle Evans always brings the LOLs when she pops up on the show, and this week she unleashes her signature sass all over Jenelle's boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.

Nathan and Barbara go head-to-head in the episode, but apparently there was more to their argument than meets the eye. In a recent clip, Nathan accuse Barbara of enabling Jenelle's addiction to heroin, which seemed pretty harsh. So, why did Nathan take such a low blow at Babs? According to a source from, Nathan was upset about a conversation he had heard between Barbara and Jenelle.

“He said before she even was over there he was upset because he overheard a conversation between Jenelle and her mom where Barbara was saying how she could see right through him and that he was a phony and a pretty boy just trying to use them,” the source explained. “Jenelle asked her mom to name one more guy that can come even close to comparing with him and she said Gary."

That would be Gary Head, Jenelle's ex-fiance with whom she had a domestic altercation. We're shocked that Babs would prefer this dude to Nathan, and apparently so was Jenelle. "Gary cheated on her and used to hit her, but her mom said ‘Well if he didn’t do all that he would be better.’ Jenelle was pissed," the source explained, adding that “Nathan really tries his hardest to be the nicest most genuine and respectful person he can. Jenelle tells him he’s too nice all the time and that’s why he gets walked on.”

As far as we know, Nathan and Babs have worked through their issues, and currently get along swimmingly! And thank goodness, because Nathan is a permanent fixture in the Evans clan now that he's gone and made a baby with Jenelle!


03.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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