Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith Go Head-to-Head — Watch the Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith Go Head-to-Head — Watch the Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans might technically be the star of Teen Mom 2, but let's be honest here. This gal's mom, Barbara Evans, is the reason we watch the show. Babs' Bostonian-accent and love for boxed wine is an inspiration to all of us, and we can't wait to watch this feisty broad on the continuation of Teen Mom 2's Reunion Special with Dr. Drew — tonight on MTV!

Babs and Jenelle seem to be getting along better than ever these days, but fear not! This lady is definitely bringing the drama in a sneak peek clip from, where she chats about her iffy feelings about Jenelle's baby daddy, Nathan Griffith!

"I'm concerned about them having a baby because Nathan doesn't work for one," Babs explained to Dr. Drew. "I get worried that the guys she's been with in the past have used her. Jenelle's a very giving person, and Jenelle's paying I would say at least 65% of the bills."

Nathan's response? "When you have a spouse or you have a significant other, you're there to support," he said. "Whether it's financial, mentally, physically. That's what a good team is."

We agree with Nathan wholeheartedly — but let's not forget that he and Jenelle aren't even married. In fact, they aren't even engaged!

Oh, and in other news, Barbara revealed that she wants to join a cougar dating site, so...line up boys.

Do you think it's important that Nathan provide his fair share in the relationship during this stage, or do you understand where he's coming from? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t miss Teen Mom 2’s Reunion Special Part Two with Dr. Drew on April 22 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

Source: OK!

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