Barbara Walters’ Health Declining: “She’s in a Wheelchair Now 24/7” — Report
Barbara Walters, The View
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Barbara Walters’ Health Declining: “She’s in a Wheelchair Now 24/7” — Report


It’s not looking good for Barbara Walters.

The TV star has reportedly not been seen in public since July 2016 and some sources believe her health is quickly declining.

According to Radar Online, many of her friends are fearing the worst.

In fact, the 88-year-old is reportedly wheelchair-bound and hasn’t been able to leave her New York home.

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“No one is allowed access into her apartment,” a source shared.

“Friends have been trying to see Barbara since the summer, but the doormen keep turning everyone away.”

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The former View co-host also supposedly started showing signs of dementia months ago, though nothing has been confirmed.

“Barbara broke her hip a few months ago, and she’s in a wheelchair now 24/7,” the source shared.  

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“She sits propped up in it in her library overlooking Central Park all day. She stares at the same page of a newspaper for hours.”

The source continued, “All she does is go from the bed to her wheelchair and back again.”

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And, according to reports, the mother of one hasn’t been able to recognize as many people in her life as before.

“Barbara doesn’t always know her name, but the staff turns on the TV when The View comes on, and Joy’s voice and laughter put a smile on her face,” the source said.

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“She’s so disoriented that she rarely remembers who she’s talking to.”

The source continued, “Barbara’s become extremely paranoid that people are stealing from her!”

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Needless to say, her friends and family are nervous her health could get even worse.

“Friends just want to say goodbye. They simply want to see that she’s well taken care of,” the source shared.

“Everyone knows the end is near and they just want to have a proper chance to say goodbye.”

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This is so sad. We hope you’re doing OK, Barbara!