Dancing With the Stars Beats The Voice With Best Ratings Since Season 17 Premiere!
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Beats The Voice With Best Ratings Since Season 17 Premiere!

Thank you, Cher! Come back to dance next season?

All heroes need a villain and, as much as we love the Blake Shelton/Adam Levine bromance, The Voice has been chewing away at Dancing With the Stars’ ratings since it showed up. DWTS used to nab 20 million viewers a week, remember? Now it's still doing very well, but it hasn't been that high in a long time.

So we're always glad when DWTS scores little victories, like the one this week. We used to love it when DWTS beat American Idol and now we love it when DWTS beats The Voice — especially since The Voice has Cher as a mentor this season. Well, we just gave her two full hours as a guest judge and performer as everyone danced to her songs — take that!

According to an ABC press release, DWTS Season 17, Week 8 drew a larger audience than The Voice for the second week running, with 14.4 million viewers vs. The Voice's 11.6 million.

DWTS finished as Monday’s most-watched entertainment show for the second consecutive week. The show is growing week to week in total numbers, ABC noted, and DWTS just drew its biggest audience in seven weeks — the largest since the September 16 premiere.

For comparison's sake, this time in the spring 2013 season, the Week 8 Performance Show had 13.12 million viewers with a 2.0/5 share of the coveted 18-49 demographic. Last fall, during All-Stars, Week 8 had 13.79 million and a 2.1/5 share. This week they had 14.4 million with a 2.1/5 rating.

You have to give credit to Cher, and also maybe to last week's shocking Snooki elimination; maybe more people tuned in to see what would happen this week. In Week 7, they had 13.72 million viewers and that old 2.0/5 rating. The season started with 16.04 million and a 3.1 rating, but the premiere and the finale are always higher than the middle weeks.

Hopefully the people who tuned in this week will stick around to keep watching DWTS on Week 9. We must silence The Voice!

Are you surprised at the ratings? Sound off below, and catch DWTS on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.