Andrew Marlowe: Castle and Beckett Will Have to “Wrestle” With Engagement Whenever it Happens
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Andrew Marlowe: Castle and Beckett Will Have to “Wrestle” With Engagement Whenever it Happens

Yesterday we brought you a clip of the Castle Season 6 premiere, which show’s Kate Beckett’s shocking response to Castle’s jaw-dropping proposal, and now we have some thoughts on the couple’s possible engagement from show creator Andrew Marlowe.

Earlier this month Andrew chatted with the folks over at Give Me My Remote about what an engagement could mean for the couple. While he wouldn't divulge whether or not Castle and Beckett will be engaged in Season 6, he noted that if and when Castle puts a ring on it, the pair will have a lot to work through before settling into married life.

“Whether it’s in the premiere episode this year or a season from now or two seasons from now, if these two get engaged, I think they’ll have to wrestle with it. Certainly Beckett will have to wrestle with the fact that Castle has been married two times before. And Castle is going to have to wrestle with whether he’s done the right thing,” he explained.

And let’s get real, a marriage proposal is about more than just a ring and planning a wedding. There’s no doubt that a question like this would and should force Castle and Beckett to really evaluate their relationship. Even Andrew wonders if they are truly right for one another.

”It’s one thing to be hanging out, professionally, with a multi-millionaire dilettante writer who is helping you solve crimes. It’s another to imagine your future with that person and wrestle with your own identity. And then in terms of the kind of people it would make sense for Castle to be with on paper, Beckett’s not necessarily that person, but there’s clearly an attraction.”

Lastly, while a Caskett engagement would be the answer to all of our prayers, it's important to note that it could cause problems for duo if they were partners in life and at work, assuming Beckett eventually finds her way back to New York City full-time.

“It’s one thing to be partners, but when you’re partners on top of partners, it’s a whole other thing,” Andrew notes. “So when it’s time for us to do that, I assume all of those issues will be part of the trajectory of the storytelling.”

From the way Andrew is talking about it, it definitely seems like an engagement is on the horizon, but it remains to be seen exactly when our favorite couple will make it official.

Are you interested in seeing how Castle and Beckett will function as an engaged couple? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Give Me My Remote

08.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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