Game of Thrones Beer: New Black Stout Available!
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Beer: New Black Stout Available!

Get your tankards ready! Ommegang Brewery has just announced their next Game of Thrones-inspired beer (thankfully, it’s not this one). The new beer, called “Take The Black Stout,” will be released this fall, and follows “Iron Throne Ale” as the second beer produced as part of Ommegang’s partnership with HBO.

“Take The Black” is of course inspired by the Night’s Watch, and features some ominous artwork on the label depicting a weirwood, the sacred tree of the Old Gods of the North. The artwork was actually designed by the same studio who designed the show’s now-classic opening credits scene, studio a52.

The new beer is a stout, a dark thick beer, while “Iron Throne Ale” was a lighter blonde ale. “Take The Black” also boasts a relatively high 7% ABV. The Night’s Watch would welcome the extra alcohol to help keep them warm on the Wall!

“Iron Throne Ale” proved to be wildly popular, selling out of stores in days. In order to better meet demand, Ommegang’s production of “Take The Black” will be double that of the previous beer. That’s good news, because we wouldn’t want to miss our chance to empty a bottle of this new beer and declare: “And now his watch is ended.”

06.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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