Behati Prinsloo’s Parents React to Adam Levine’s Proposal: Do They Approve?
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Behati Prinsloo’s Parents React to Adam Levine’s Proposal: Do They Approve?

When you’re an international superstar like Adam Levine, you probably don’t need the approval of many. But thanks to the singer’s recent change of heart on the topic of marriage, Adam found himself needing the blessing of Behati Prinsloo’s family.

Luckily, Behati’s father, Boet Prinsloo, definitely seems to be Team Adam in his new interview with Celebuzz.

"I have the greatest respect for Adam, the way he handled the whole situation, Behati as well,” Boet told Celebuzz. “We talked to each other and he presented himself in such a way to me that I appreciate him for that. Every choice that my daughter makes with anyone in her life we'd be happy to have them as part of the family. And we are happy to have Adam as part of the family.”

Behati told ET Canada that Adam’s proposal was “very old school” and that he did get down on one knee, but one surprising thing Adam hasn’t actually done is meet Behati’s family.

Considering the Prinsloos live in South Africa, this isn’t so strange, but Behati’s fam is definitely planning on making a trip to the U.S. for the nuptials.

Boet did confirm that Adam spoke to the family before asking for Behati’s hand in marriage. So while the change of heart (from dating Nina Agdal to proposing to Behati) seemed to be sudden, the singer did take the time to go through the traditional steps before popping the question.

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Source: Celebuzz