Guess Who?

This Belly Flopping Hunk Made a Big Splash On Reality TV: Who Is It?

The heartthrob, who looks like he’s about to regret this belly flop, certainly didn’t flop on the three reality shows he was on. While he didn’t win the hand of the blonde southern belle he first went after, he did win our hearts, and eventually the heart of his now-wife. With his love life situated, this Texas entrepreneur awkwardly danced into the hearts of millions more.

The hottie with abs that can be seen from space is a proponent of celibacy before marriage, and famously made his wife wait for the goods until their wedding night. As reward for keeping his hands to himself until saying “I Do,” the do-gooder was recently honored by an organization that fights against teen pregnancy. Even better, he’s been rewarded with a quirky wife who totally gets him. Awww, that’ll take the sting out of that water-smack!

Think you know whose abs are about to land face first in the pool? Click through to see if you’re right.