Below Deck’s Amy Johnson on an Improved Season 2 and Working With Ex-Friend Kat  — Exclusive
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Below Deck’s Amy Johnson on an Improved Season 2 and Working With Ex-Friend Kat — Exclusive

Any good southern belle knows that it’s imperative to have your hair and makeup game on-point at all times — even when you’re living and working below deck on a luxury yacht! That’s the challenge that Below Deck’s Amy Johnson had to overcome in Season 2, and by our judgment, she pulled it off with flying colors. However, she had some other troubles — mainly with ex-friend and fellow Ohana crew member Kat Held — that weren’t always as manageable…

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Amy exclusively to get all the inside scoop on her first season on the Bravo reality hit, and we first pried her for scoop on how she remained so glam in such an unglamorous situation. And though the 31-year-old always looks fab to us, apparently it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

“When you are living in the bow of a boat, sharing a bathroom the size of a port-a-potty, can you imagine how hard it is to tease your hair, much less put on makeup?” Amy dished, adding that those choppy waves were the icing on the cake. “It took a lot of getting use to.”

Though it might appear that this brunette beauty is always decked out to the nines, she admits that the charter guests and camera crew are added pressure. “First impressions are crucial, you want to look your best,” Amy explained. “Once the charters were over and we were able to go out, one of my favorite things to do was have a glass of wine, listen to some music, and take my sweet time getting ready!”

Her face and hair weren’t the only things Amy was trying to touch up this season — the first timer also worked on overhauling the way the charter lifestyle was presented to viewers. “After watching Season 1 of Below Deck, as entertaining as it was, I was disappointed it didn't fully depict the details of our job and represent the industry,” she revealed. “I knew the bar could be raised to a much higher standard, professionally speaking.”

Below Deck’s Amy Johnson on an Improved Season 2 and Working With Ex-Friend Kat  — Exclusive
Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo    

For Amy, that meant showing more of the long hours and all the detail that goes into their work — such as ironing the sheets for turndown service and leaving personalized notes, aka “what sets the yachting industry apart from all others.”

But the one thing the Texas native wasn’t able to makeover was her relationship with former close pal Kat, with whom she fell out with at the beginning of this season. Though she didn’t go into what the exact cause of the rift was, Amy would tell us that Kat “betrayed me as a friend, didn't have my best interest at heart and basically dissolved the friendship I thought we had.”

There seems to be little chance for reconciliation for these two — “there’s a line and once someone crosses it, not only does it show their true character, but it forever changes the relationship,” Amy stated — but she did still have to work with her ex-friend, which was awkward to say the least.

“I was leery of working with Kat, not on a professional level, but personally because of stuff in our past,” Amy recalled.

So what did she do? Amy, who conceded that she’s “too frank, too blunt and honest to a flaw,” tried to start conversation with Kat in Episode 1 to try to put things behind them… an attempt that ultimately failed, as Kat “wasn't willing or wanting to talk about things.”

“I wasn't trying to rekindle the close friendship we once had, just trying to clear the air so we could work cohesively together without any animosity,” Amy mused. Ah well, if there weren’t any drama, it wouldn’t be Below Deck!

Below Deck airs tonight, September 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Do you think Amy handled her falling out with Kat well? What do you think of Season 2 versus Season 1? Sound off in the comments below.

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