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Ben and Courtney: A Bachelor 16 Love Story (Yes, Really) — Part 1

Like it or not — believe it or not — a love story has been playing out on The Bachelor Season 16 between Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, but it hasn’t been all all wine and roses for the two.

Even if you’re not completely Team B + C, you gotta admit it’s been quite the entertaining if not romantic ride.

Revisit the two’s most memorable moments on this crazy Bachelor “journey”:

Ben and Courtney: A Bachelor 16 Love Story (Yes, Really) — Part 1
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1. Their first meeting

Courtney basically had Ben at "Hey cutie pie, do you come here often?" As Chris Harrison teased viewers of their meeting, before the season even premiered, “If Ben could have fallen on the cement when she got out of the limo, he would have.” Courtney sauntered up to Ben and told him "I watched last season and I have to admit, I have the biggest crush on you." She also played with his hair and said she loved it. After she went in, Ben remarked, "That is a pretty girl."

2. Their premiere night discussion

Later on the first night, while she was playing with her hair, Courtney told Ben his "I'm available" line from The Bachelorette struck a chord with her. Last year around this time, she wouldn’t have been available. She's a hard-working model who travels every week. She said she was at a place where she’d been single for a while and “available” for a relationship. “What you see is what you get with me, I'm just nice, normal..." She also shared that she's Italian, Scottish, and Native American. Ben said he’s also a mutt: Italian, Slovenian and — but Courtney interrupted him to talk more about how much she loves his hair. Courtney told the cameras she and Ben had the best talk and her plan was to just be patient and let the other girls shoot themselves in the feet. Good plan!

3. Their first date

Courtney definitely lucked out to get a date in Ben’s hometown of Sonoma, complete with howling time with his beloved dog, Scotch. Ben and Courtney said they were in the same place in their lives: good work situations, just needing someone to fill their lives. Ben said Courtney is the full package: she’s smart, witty, drop-dead gorgeous. “It’s almost too good to be true,” he told the cameras. Dun-dun-DUN! That night at dinner, Ben said Courtney exceeded his expectations. He wanted to know why she was still available. She said she meets guys in L.A., but she’s just not interested in them. She also has trust issues. They had an “aha moment” and Ben said Courtney makes him think “big picture.” So he was already picturing them together around this point. That same episode, she shared a love letter she wrote for him, saying she could already see beyond a shadow of doubt that he could be her husband some day.

To Be Continued...

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