Will Ben Flajnik Pursue Legal Action Over Courtney Robertson’s Book?
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Will Ben Flajnik Pursue Legal Action Over Courtney Robertson’s Book?

Bachelor Season 16 winner Courtney Robertson expected some backlash for her new tell-all memoir, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Diary of a Reality Show Villain, but in a pleasant surprise, she’s also received lots of support from her fellow Bachelor Nation-ers. Well, except former fiancé Ben Flajnik, who had some choice words for his ex, calling the release “a new low” and even referring to their time together as “a nightmare.” And he didn’t stop there...

Though Ben’s initial statement to People made it seem that he didn’t want to talk about the book anymore, he spoke with Washington Post again this week about the ordeal — and he didn’t mince his words this time, either. Though the publication says he “declined to discuss the book” in his interview, he sort of did anyway.

Will Ben Flajnik Pursue Legal Action Over Courtney Robertson’s Book?
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The former Bachelor emphasized his wish to stay out of the spotlight these days, though he does mention his former TV gig in his Twitter profile. He said he’s made peace with his past, and embraced it as “a part of [my] life, for better or worse.” Guess that “worse” is Courtney’s book, as he then shifted into taking a little jab at the reality TV “villain” next.

“Unfortunately, things like Courtney’s book and things you don’t expect are going to come out of the woodwork when you thought everything was said and done,” he conceded, before that “it’s disappointing, that’s all. You would expect people that you knew along the way to take the higher road, but I don’t know — everybody’s different.”

Ben then admitted that he and his attorneys skimmed the book “just to make sure there wasn’t anything crazy [libelous] in there.” Wait, so does that mean he’s going to take legal action against his former beau?

“I’m not going to get into legal battles or something to draw more attention to it,” Ben clarified.

Though he took the book seriously enough to have his legal team take a look at it, he told the Post that he thinks all the media hubbub around it is “kind of silly and sad,” pointing out that the two split a while back (in October 2012 to be exact). “I’m a bit baffled at why [Courtney] would want to portray herself in this light,” Ben said. Ouch.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Courtney after Ben’s first statement last week, and his heavy comments didn’t seem to be weighing on her too badly.

"It doesn’t surprise or bother me to hear that Ben wasn’t a fan of the book. He emailed me after reading it, so I knew there was going to be a reaction. I understand that it’s hard to read about a difficult time in your life and choices you made. But I didn’t write the book for him," she explained.

Something tells us she won’t be too bothered by these new comments, either.

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Source: Washington Post