Ben Flajnik and Girlfriend Move in as Ex Courtney Robertson Releases Tell-All Book! (VIDEO)
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Ben Flajnik and Girlfriend Move in as Ex Courtney Robertson Releases Tell-All Book! (VIDEO)

Go ahead, guys, chalk it up to coincidence. We’re not convinced… Here are the facts, Jack: Courtney Robertson, the villainess of The Bachelor Season 16, has been all over the interwebs with tawdry stories of her time on the show, her sex life, and the dirty little secrets show-won ex Ben Flajnik likely doesn’t want anyone to know. So, is it just happenstance then that Ben surfaced after a few days offline to post a pic of himself and new girlfriend Stephanie Winn, announcing that they’re moving in together?

“Welp. We did it. Moving in together July 1st. :) #sf” the winemaker captioned the cute shot of the outdoorsy cuties hanging out together in nature, a clutch of ferns framing their matching smiles. We’re no geography experts, but the pic looks to be from the couple’s excursion to Mendocino from a couple weeks earlier. But hey, it’s possible Ben wears the same outfit on the regular… We digress.

In the shot, the pair sports vests, red hats, and sunglasses, and they honestly look awesome together. But what of the timing? While we can’t say what else we read in Courtney’s forthcoming book, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality TV Villain (out June 24 from Harper Collins), we do know that model Court talks explicitly about her sex life with the San Francisco guy she fell in love with a couple seasons ago on the ABC show.

Among the revelations? They had sex on camera while skinny dipping in Puerto Rico, did the deed sans rubbers in the Fantasy Suite, and he cheated on her while they were dating. Not exactly great PR for the former fan favorite-turned-controversial Bachelor, which brings us to the Instagram pic. How much damage can a squeaky clean Instagram pic undo? We’ll see.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Court says Ben “wasn’t happy” after reading what she had to say about him. We can’t imagine he would be, though he did tell Wetpaint Entertainment back in September 2013 that he wasn’t worried about it. “Courtney contacted me to let me know she had a book deal and that I was going to be in it,” the 31-year-old told us at the time. “Other than that, I have no idea what the content of it will be,” he continues, “but best of luck to her.”

Still singing the same tune, Benny boo boo?

Sources: Ben on Instagram, Us Weekly

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