Ben Flajnik Is Leaving His Winery — What Happened? (UPDATE)
Ben Flajnik Is Leaving His Winery — What Happened? (UPDATE)

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Ben Flajnik Is Leaving His Winery — What Happened? (UPDATE)


UPDATE 7/31/14: Well, mystery solved. Today Ben Flajnik filled us all in on what he's going to be doing now that he's parted ways with winery Envolve. The heartthrob took to Twitter to introduce us to his new love: "Good morning!" he tweeted. "Check out my new company! We make giving super simple!" He then included a link to an Instagram photo of nothing but the company logo. Mysterious. From what we can gather, Gratci is an in-the-works app focused on giving.

While we're not 100 percent sure what this new venture entails, we're excited for Ben and his new career path. Congrats!

ORIGINAL STORY 7/30/14: Just thinking of Ben Flajnik’s Northern California winery brings up sweet, sweet Merlot-scented memories of a soon-to-be-heartbroken Kacie Boguskie, and Kris Jenner’s cougary wiles. Envolve wines has been a big part of the Bachelor 16 star’s life, which is why we were shocked when Ben announced that he is now no longer involved in the vineyard.

Ben Flajnik Is Leaving His Winery — What Happened? (UPDATE)
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It’s been a dramatic couple of months apparently for the former reality star. When his ex Courtney Robertson earned New York Times bestseller status for her juicy tell-all about their relationship, Ben released a particularly bitter public response to the tome, saying he’d moved on in his life. That sort of move includes a new live-in girlfriend, and now, a shift in career paths.

The artist formerly known as Flapjack (in our minds, at least) took to Instagram to share the surprise news this week. He writes, “It saddens me to say today that I am officially no longer a part of Envolve winery. Last winery pic for a while I suppose.”

What’s up with that, Benny boy? We thought Envolve was this guy’s entire life. Did he perhaps have a falling out with his business partners? Or maybe this is a sign that Ben and his lady Stephanie are looking to move somewhere and start a life together. Either way, we’ll be pouring one out (“one” being a bottle of Pinot, of course) for the end of his career journey — see what we did just there?

Are you surprised to learn that Ben is no longer part of the winery? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Ben Flajnik on Instagram