Ben Flajnik “Using” Kris Jenner to Get His Own Reality Show — Report
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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik “Using” Kris Jenner to Get His Own Reality Show — Report

Season 16 Bachelor Ben Flajnik has made it clear that he’s not romantically involved with Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner. So what’s up with the constant sushi dates and selfies? Well, a new InTouch Weekly report suggests that Ben is trying to kickstart the next chapter of his TV career.

“He’s using her,” an inside source tells the magazine. “He wants a new reality show.” If that’s so, Kris’s sister Karen Houghton seems to think Kris is aware of Ben’s motivations. “She said it was more of a business deal,” Karen says of her sister’s comments about her involvement with Ben.

Well, in that case it sounds to us like they could be using each other. It certainly doesn’t hurt Kris’s cred to have people thinking a guy 27 years her junior is interested in her romantically, right? Still, as plausible as that may seem, we’re taking this story with a few shakers full of salt if only because Kris’ sister Karen isn’t the most reliable source.

Kris has gone on record as saying she and her sis aren’t exactly tight. “Unfortunately, my sister has been dealing with demons for years,” Kris said in a rare statement to in October. “I am not in touch with her, but I wish her the very best.”

Source: InTouch Weekly, print edition